Good morning! The answer is yes!

you can pay online, in one of two ways. The first way is to get set up on what’s called Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ( You create an account there and then make payments. That is how we paid our back taxes for two years (which we paid off earlier this year, yay!) The good news is that service is free. The bad news is, you may not have enough time to get your account set up. Being the federal gov, there are certain hoops you have to jump through (getting a PIN from them, for example). It’s a great system if you have to make a series of payments over time. For a single payment like yours, particularly if it’s coming due soon, it might not be worth the hassle.
A second option is to go directly to the website, and click on the Pay Your Tax Bill which is one of the main options across the top of the page. That will take you to another IRS page which gives you a variety of both free and fee-for-service options. The fees are generally quite low, on the order of less than $5.00. You can go to that page and start to walk through some of the options and figure out which option suits you.
Sorry to hear about the car. We’re finally closing in on being done with my truck’s conversion away from computer emissions control (many of which were failing) back to mechanical emissions control. The estimated bill to do the conversion was between $1000 – $1500, but doing it ourselves so far it’s been less than $500. The catch is that we could have been done months ago if we’d just paid someone. I’ve had to really bone up on my automotive electrical knowledge to tackle this project. Nice to almost be done, but there’s always some price to be paid in either time, effort or cold hard cash. I hope you come up with a solution that works for you.

I am ‘uncloaking’ because I wanted to shared my big achievement

Yesterday I paid off my last credit card! I started Financial Peace in April 2014. I know a number of people who’ve done FPU. I felt convinced this had to be a better way to handle my finances. I had a bout $10,000 of debt on 3 credit cards. It took about 14 months to pay it off. It was funny when I went to the bank to pay it off and cancel it. The clerk said ‘Are you sure? You’re credit score will go down.” I told her, it didn’t matter, I was one of those crazy ‘no debt’ people. lol. Ready for the next step. In my case, I’m strongly considering setting aside 3-6 months of savings because I work for myself. I have 2 great clients for the next 6-9 months, but then will lose 1 of them. So I just want to anticipate that potentially slower period and sock some money away. THEN, focus fully on my student loan debt. Not to say I wouldn’t make any extra payments on my student loan now, I would put the majority of my ‘extra’ money in savings, and a smaller amount (but still way more than the minimum) on my student loan. Relative to some people my student loan debt is pretty low, about $20,000. I’m actually excited about attacking it. I believe I can conquer it. If you’re curious, I live in metro Atlanta, GA. I am a writer, primarily writing grant proposals for non-profits in the arts. I also teach yoga and do voice-overs, in particular audiobooks and webinars. I’m the single mother of a grown child (27 years old) who doesn’t live with me. So, I’m in a great position to be selfish and single-minded in my goal to be debt-free.

3rd homework update in the series

Yesterday they had a company wide meeting at the guys office. We knew the company has been struggling this last several months. They have slowly been letting people go. Including the comptroller who changed the pay days on us a couple of years ago, they let 4 more go yesterday. No my men were not laid off, but…
Everyone, according to the boss, remaining are the cream of the crop and they would like to keep, but to do so everyone was going to have to take a 10% cut in pay. Because of our 6 year journey we are fine even with the new short term loan. Others in the company are freaking out.
During the meeting my guys were told there would be no layoffs in their department because basically they are what is keeping the company solvent.
Today the company rumor mill is certain ones in the company will not get a pay cut. Dh and I are hoping ds is one of those as he recently got moved up in rank at the company, without a pay raise, so it would only be fair they not cut his pay. We won’t know one way or another until this time next month.

So while we are boogie dancing over paying off the first mortgage

We are also thinking ahead to paying off the second, by the end of the year and THEN paying cash a new to us fifth wheel to replace our 2001 30 ft Sierra that has 2 slides.
We had decided on an amount, a size and hopefully in good condition, definitely better shape mandatory.
Well you know what they say about plans…
We have spent weeks on the web “window shopping” fifth wheels to get an idea on what we want vs what we need. We researched blue book on both our old one and ones we liked. We are talking serious research hours logged in.
Last Friday just for something to do we went physically window shopping.
Not certain if what happened is good or bad. You know how DR talks about finding older garage kept cars in mint condition for a very low price?
Apparently rvs of that type also exist, because we found one. A 2004 Keystone Montanna 36 ft, 4 slides without a blemish on it inside and out, new top of the line rv tires, full 7 year bumper to bumper warranty, absolutely gorgeous. Plus the added bonus it is has an Arctic Polar Package on it. That means it is set up for year round camping, even in extreme weather.
Two air conditioners (old one has 1 old one), a fake fireplace with blower as well as a much larger furnace than the old one has.
Similar units all over the web are $34,000 to $50,000. Way above the amount we were willing to pay, if we had the purchase money already totally saved. Plus based on the photos on the web none were in as good shape as this one. None had slide toppers either.
Just for fun we asked the price. With the toppers added (a $3000 cost). We are paying $22,000 less an above book value trade in on our Sierra. It is a wonderful unit. The bad news, was to get it we had to buy it now not January. That meant a very low interest loan for 6 months or so. Neither of us is happy about the loan, but after touring it numerous times, dh going over it mechanically with a fine tooth comb. Me checking all the domestic issues inside thoroughly. And an rv tech specialist also going over it and telling us it was one of the best condition used units he had ever seen. It is a little older than we had planned on getting, but the full warranty and aluminum instead of a wood frame make up for that. So we are going to pay off the second mortgage while making minimum payments on the trailer then pay the trailer off 2 to 3 months later.