3rd homework update in the series

Yesterday they had a company wide meeting at the guys office. We knew the company has been struggling this last several months. They have slowly been letting people go. Including the comptroller who changed the pay days on us a couple of years ago, they let 4 more go yesterday. No my men were not laid off, but…
Everyone, according to the boss, remaining are the cream of the crop and they would like to keep, but to do so everyone was going to have to take a 10% cut in pay. Because of our 6 year journey we are fine even with the new short term loan. Others in the company are freaking out.
During the meeting my guys were told there would be no layoffs in their department because basically they are what is keeping the company solvent.
Today the company rumor mill is certain ones in the company will not get a pay cut. Dh and I are hoping ds is one of those as he recently got moved up in rank at the company, without a pay raise, so it would only be fair they not cut his pay. We won’t know one way or another until this time next month.