I am ‘uncloaking’ because I wanted to shared my big achievement

Yesterday I paid off my last credit card! I started Financial Peace in April 2014. I know a number of people who’ve done FPU. I felt convinced this had to be a better way to handle my finances. I had a bout $10,000 of debt on 3 credit cards. It took about 14 months to pay it off. It was funny when I went to the bank to pay it off and cancel it. The clerk said ‘Are you sure? You’re credit score will go down.” I told her, it didn’t matter, I was one of those crazy ‘no debt’ people. lol. Ready for the next step. In my case, I’m strongly considering setting aside 3-6 months of savings because I work for myself. I have 2 great clients for the next 6-9 months, but then will lose 1 of them. So I just want to anticipate that potentially slower period and sock some money away. THEN, focus fully on my student loan debt. Not to say I wouldn’t make any extra payments on my student loan now, I would put the majority of my ‘extra’ money in savings, and a smaller amount (but still way more than the minimum) on my student loan. Relative to some people my student loan debt is pretty low, about $20,000. I’m actually excited about attacking it. I believe I can conquer it. If you’re curious, I live in metro Atlanta, GA. I am a writer, primarily writing grant proposals for non-profits in the arts. I also teach yoga and do voice-overs, in particular audiobooks and webinars. I’m the single mother of a grown child (27 years old) who doesn’t live with me. So, I’m in a great position to be selfish and single-minded in my goal to be debt-free.