Other than celebrating now

7 lab reports that clearly state dh has NO cancer our week has been pretty calm, still haven’t had the confirmation from the doctor, but then who needs him when we have the official lab reports.
We worked on getting our container garden started this weekend. The base is constructed and the pots set. Now I just need to fill the pots. Warning a series of blog posts on this year’s garden is in the works. First post is just waiting for photos before it goes up. Probably later this afternoon.
It is so nice knowing that dh is fine and we can now settle back into a life routine of gardening, blogging, crafting and travel, oh yeah, housework and chores (bleh!) too.
We did our online check in for our celebration trip and confirmed all our reservations and such. Can’t wait to fly away for a long weekend.
Friday dh and I ran a few small errands for basic things like shoes, neither of us had purchased new shoes in over two years and our footwear was looking pretty bad. We both found good quality walking shoes on sale at a decent price. $50 below the budget I had set.
It is a good thing that came in under budget because I had decided to purchase a Brother PT Touch Labeler d-200 that was on sale for $20 at Staples. Of course they were out of it, and I had the electronics junkie with me so…thank goodness it was on half price sale… I came home with the D 600 for $50 instead. This sucker does everything but fly in the labeling world. Here’s hoping I don’t make it fly because it is too complex for me. Dh played with it some this weekend and of course downloaded a series of programs and bookmarked various websites for me to use in learning it.
I had originally wanted just a simple labeler for some organizing I am doing, but this one has where we can symbol code, label, bar code, color code up to 7 lines on various size labels. So now we are looking at starting that home inventory we have been talking about for a long time and coding everything by symbols and such. We started on that this weekend with the inch wide labels that came with it.
The first category is my Master Mixes. I am keeping those labels simple, a symbol for whether it is a dessert, or other type of mix, the recipe name, the cookbook it can be found in for its various uses and the page it is on. I came up with that format for the canning jars the various mixes are vacuum sealed in and then asked the guys to tell me what the label told them to see if it was clear. Both understood it immediately and said yes that would help them tremendously if I would label all the mixes that way. Since they are both excellent cooks I definitely want to encourage their cooking anyway I can. LOL!
I am creating simple excel files to record the info we gather as we label and sort so if we ever have a fire like my neighbor did we might at least have an idea of some of the stuff we own. Trust me this is going to be a long drawn out process with a whole lot of labels going down. But then this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I hate clutter and disorganization. Don’t worry it won’t be as bad as “Sleeping with the Enemy” but it will be much more organized around here.
If anyone is using this model and can offer helpful hints I would appreciate it. I did find out that amazon is a LOT cheaper on the label cassettes for it and ordered one each of the .5, .75 and 1 inch cassets (well the half inch one was a twin pack).
While at Staples we learned that they carry the Sodastream products there including the double sized gas canister for lower than other places we had previously priced. Then there is the added bonus of the Staples Reward card and using the store credits recycled printer cartridges to get the big canister and then later for the exchanges for it.
Royalty check hit, but it was a lot lower than it has been being. I expected it to be lower because oil and natural gas prices are down, which in turn affects my royalty checks. But we save more at the fuel station so it all works out with as much driving as we do.
I have became addicted to going to Tuesday Morning for craft supplies. I am finding things from my “I want some day” list for 75% off there and have been slowly purchasing those items as they become available. Great, now more stuff to inventory and use. LOL! Don’t worry my Dave Ramsey training keeps me under my crafting budget each visit. I definitely don’t want to go back into debt ever again.
On the debt front I am anxiously waiting for the next two days to pass so I can put another extra principal payment on my first mortgage. Because it is so close to the due date (tomorrow) I can’t just pay that royalty check on to the principal until the auto draft for the normal monthly payment hits. Boring.
More exciting: 43 years ago today I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Happy Birthday Samantha! Of course she won’t see this here, but then I have already told her Happy Birthday today. It’s just good to celebrate wherever though.