So while we are boogie dancing over paying off the first mortgage

We are also thinking ahead to paying off the second, by the end of the year and THEN paying cash a new to us fifth wheel to replace our 2001 30 ft Sierra that has 2 slides.
We had decided on an amount, a size and hopefully in good condition, definitely better shape mandatory.
Well you know what they say about plans…
We have spent weeks on the web “window shopping” fifth wheels to get an idea on what we want vs what we need. We researched blue book on both our old one and ones we liked. We are talking serious research hours logged in.
Last Friday just for something to do we went physically window shopping.
Not certain if what happened is good or bad. You know how DR talks about finding older garage kept cars in mint condition for a very low price?
Apparently rvs of that type also exist, because we found one. A 2004 Keystone Montanna 36 ft, 4 slides without a blemish on it inside and out, new top of the line rv tires, full 7 year bumper to bumper warranty, absolutely gorgeous. Plus the added bonus it is has an Arctic Polar Package on it. That means it is set up for year round camping, even in extreme weather.
Two air conditioners (old one has 1 old one), a fake fireplace with blower as well as a much larger furnace than the old one has.
Similar units all over the web are $34,000 to $50,000. Way above the amount we were willing to pay, if we had the purchase money already totally saved. Plus based on the photos on the web none were in as good shape as this one. None had slide toppers either.
Just for fun we asked the price. With the toppers added (a $3000 cost). We are paying $22,000 less an above book value trade in on our Sierra. It is a wonderful unit. The bad news, was to get it we had to buy it now not January. That meant a very low interest loan for 6 months or so. Neither of us is happy about the loan, but after touring it numerous times, dh going over it mechanically with a fine tooth comb. Me checking all the domestic issues inside thoroughly. And an rv tech specialist also going over it and telling us it was one of the best condition used units he had ever seen. It is a little older than we had planned on getting, but the full warranty and aluminum instead of a wood frame make up for that. So we are going to pay off the second mortgage while making minimum payments on the trailer then pay the trailer off 2 to 3 months later.